A few words from former colleagues and co-workers

“Nina is one of the best content writers I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. If anyone is looking for a writer for their team she would be an amazing asset. In addition to her exceptional work, her contributions to culture in the workplace are unparalleled.” – Jordan Lux, Contractor, Content Creator and Project Manager

“Nina was amazing to work with! She helped me write my nomination which led to my selection for a local accolade. I highly recommended her services!” – Greg Allen, Sales, First National Bank

“Grasping the essentials of human nature and brilliantly expressing them to the world around her is how I’ve viewed Nina…She knows her audience and she knows her clients and both can trust that Nina will deliver great results, because Nina understands people.” – Kevin Burwell, General Counsel

“Nina is an exceptional writer and professional. She wrote a stellar award nomination letter on my behalf. I ended up winning the award. Thank you for your work and professionalism! Nina provided a quick turnaround too. I recommend Nina for anyone seeking business writing projects.” – John Theobald, Day Air Credit Union

“Recently Nina help my business effectively communicate to our customers during a time when excellence in communication was hyper-critical. As if it is ever not important. Sending a clear message is paramount and can be the difference in a successful well regarded business and community participant. Any business would do well by consulting with Nina on a variety of projects.” – Brian Doyle, Chef/Owner, Cafe Avalaun

“I had the pleasure of working with Nina on a project at Darice. She wrote creative marketing copy for a full line of products under one of the licensed celebrity brands. She was able to quickly capture the spirit of the brand as well as the features & benefits of the products. She was amazing to work with, and I would highly recommend her for creative copywriting, editing, and proofreading.” – Desiree Zajacz, Creative Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Nina while at Cunningham Baron. She is experienced and adept in both writing and editing. As a collaborative professional, Nina is fun, imaginative, and insightful, particularly in a creative setting. Nina’s keen eye for detail, creative mind and talent for crafting marketing and advertising collateral played a vital role in the agency workflow process. A true wordsmith, Nina is a valuable asset to any creative team.” – Ashley Doles, UX/UI Designer

“Nina is an exceptional writer and creative thinker. Her versatility of adapting to a diverse client base is a strong asset to any organization. Professional and personable, she establishes a rapport with clients immediately.” – Robert Chet Misiolek, Creative Director