Welcome! What Can I Write For You?


Hi and welcome to my site. You’re looking for a content writer with great SEO skills and a passion for learning? That’s me! I am an advanced content marketing writer and personal essayist whose work has been seen on sites like AARP’s The Ethel, Shondaland, Huffington Post, USA Today and This Old House. I’ve ghostwritten thought leadership pieces for Forbes, have written hundreds of blogs, websites, biographies and press releases, social media posts, and so much more. Your time is important to me. If you want to get started right away, contact me now.

To learn more about me, and about how a content marketing writer can mean the difference between your customer scrolling or bouncing versus clicking and interacting with you and your company, keep reading.

The Value of a Content Writer: How Is My Writing Different?

I am a straightforward, up-front kind of gal. I don’t waste people’s time as I value my time as much as yours. I have a direct, easygoing and informal style of communications that enables me to quickly engage with people from all walks of life, including a variety of subject matter experts, whether they are in the field on a 15-minute lunch break or a C-suite executive looking to use marketing writing to drive revenue goals.

I’m passionate about writing. I love what I do. I love learning about the people, products and services that make our world run. Put simply, my words help you better connect with and reach your customers, clients and goals because I believe in what I’m writing about and I want to enable connections and help your business.

If content writing isn’t part of your overall marketing strategy, it should be! We can talk about that. But even more importantly, if you’re not using a writer who is PASSIONATE ABOUT WRITING, you’re not getting the marketing content you need. I bring the energy and earnestness of my personal writing to my business writing, and your clients, customers—and your bottom line—reap the benefits.

Want attention-grabbing headlines, engaging blogs, creative, clickable website copy and optimized bios that help you rank higher? Contact me and say, “Nina, write now!”

Content Writing Services:

  • Websites and landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Brochures
  • Social media content
  • Trade magazine articles
  • Case studies
  • Sell sheets
  • Press releases
  • Catalog copy
  • Product reviews
  • Award nominations
  • Biographies
  • Media alerts


  • Professional services: legal/law firms/lawyers, accounting/accountants, mortgage companies, insurance
  • Home builders, home remodelers, home improvement
  • Healthcare/Elder care
  • Human Resources/HR
  • Technology
  • Construction and manufacturing
  • Hospitality, hotels, tourism and travel
  • Foodservice and restaurants
  • Consumer products
  • Trades
  • Dentistry/dental
  • Franchising

What Else Do You Write?

I am also a personal essayist with clips in local and national publications. I have self-published a collection of my blog posts and a short story about friendship and the Beatles (I’m an amateur classic rock historian). Both can be purchased on Amazon. Finally, if you are a book publisher or film and television producer, I have four unpublished book manuscripts—including one about my life in Beverly Hills—and I wrote an amazing TV pilot, so let’s talk! 😉

I Need A Great Content Writer!

If you’re still reading, you’re ready. Let’s get it going! Let’s start our journey together. I live in the home of rock and roll—Cleveland, Ohio—but I write for clients all over the world! Contact me to talk about what I can write for you and your customers, right now.

It’s me and my doggo, Indigo